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Each Project is handled keeping in mind the potential adversaries to give you an edge over your counterparts. Our business team with a strategy will take the lessons learned from the past to determine what can be done differently, earlier in the process of product development. Innovation will be applied throughout the development process. We use foresight to determine what customers will want (even though the customers themselves might not know it yet) and ensure a winning product.


All the tasks and work will take place within their designated time frames and on budget. New products will continue to go through the same process until the customers decide on a final product.


We employ the agile development principles and methodologies such as SCRUM. We rely on self-organizing and cross-functioning of our team. Code reviews, development, task assignments are done asynchronosly and entire team is involved in taking a feature from idea to implementation.


We take an iterative approach to workflow management because it helps us meet our goals faster and demonstrates our team culture. We follow best pratices in the industry into our system to get things done on time considering valuable customer feedback from time to time inorder to ensure zero errors.

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At SidAbs, we have a strong and dedicated team which you can always bank on.
• We employ SCRUM principles at our workplace inorder to drive and maintain an efficient and competitive workforce.
• Each and every line of code goes through a sequence of code reviews to avoid redundancy and develop a clean code.
• We Deliver on Time. Always.
• Security and Data Integrity are maintained throughout the development cycle.

SidAbs was started by Sagar Podilapu on April, 2018 after having worked as a CTO at Wheelstreet and Technical Architect at Cerner. SidAbs is a small team with Enormous potential, Impeccable skill set and Dedication. We are experienced and talented individuals with a single goal to empower businesses using robust technology. We at SidAbs see a huge gap in the market for medium to high enterprises which are in need of a Tech Guy who they can trust with their project to be delivered on time and as a whole. We are here to address such businesses and we believe that "WE CAN". Join us today with your problem statement and witness as we weave magic and bring out an incredibly superior and swift application.

Sagar Podilapu. Founder, CEO
Masters from UMKC, USA
Experience: 7+ years

Siddhant Sangal, Business Developer
MBA in Marketing, NMIMS
Experience: 3+ years

Deepanshu Srivatsava, Software Developer
MCA, NIT Jamshedpur
Experience: 1.5+ years

Vamshi Kilari, Associate Software Developer
B.E, Osmania University

Abhishek R Murthy, Associate Software Developer
MCA, BMS Institute of Technology and Management

Vivek K Dubey, Associate Software Developer
MCA, NIT Agartala

Sandeep Palakurthi, Associate Software Developer
B.E, Osmania University

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